To Li Xia

Painting is related to personal temperament, that is, something with full comfort and elegance, with great charm, through which one can convey feelings and still acquire knowledge. Just like fire, the urge for life rises in this way, so the limited year of life extends to an “eternal way of life.” Painting with brush and ink creates a knowledge-rich and thought-rich macro world, while a fantastic and blissful micro-world through free Sketch and artistic content is presented, the core of which can essentially reflect the temperament of the author.

As Tolstoy put it, I am an artist, “I strive for beauty throughout my life”. Li Xia’s painting is really beautiful, but it still creates beauty in the longing for a beautiful life. Their temperament can also be felt somewhere in the works of art. Through vivid colors, moving strokes and the beauty they bring out, either person or landscape and flowers, we can receive their persistent passion for life and art, that is, their strong inwardness.

Full expectation of the wider and more successful art path Li Xia!